How Chiropractors Can Connect With People Through Social Media

Chiropractors Social Media

It’s 2014 and social media use is at an all-time high. Every chiropractor wants to build their audience and cash in on their followers.

Unfortunately, a lot of these chiropractors are making a major mistake: they’re not asking themselves why people are engaging in social media. They think that if they build it, people will follow.

But they won’t.

If you want to have success on social media, you need to constantly ask yourself why people would be interested in engaging with you.

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Over the 2013 Christmas holiday, WestJet captured on video what real-time giving looks like. Their idea took a great amount of effort with brainstorming sessions that began all the way back in August. But as you’ll soon see in the video below, no good effort is ever wasted.

Question: How can you better demonstrate the giving principle to your chiropractic patients? Feel free to answer this question by clicking here.