How To Add Facebook Questions to Your Chiropractic Facebook Page

Facebook Questions

Late last week, Facebook released a new version of its Questions Tool. Soon after that it began rolling out the feature to Facebook Pages.

The cool thing about Facebook Questions is that it gives chiropractors the ability to quickly survey fans, potential patients, as well as current patients on multiple things related to chiropractic, general health, et cetera…

As Facebook says, “Learn from your friends, see where people stand, and share what you know.”

Also, by creating quick polls, you can gather information quickly that’ll help you, for example, refine certain marketing campaigns, determine the benefits of participating in upcoming community events, and other scenarios that’ll potentially affect your business’s bottom line.

But, to take advantage of this new feature, you need to add Questions to your chiropractic Facebook Page. Here’s how …
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3 Things That Should Never Change With Your Chiropractic Local Listing

Google MarkerAs the landscape for search expands more toward local, chiropractors need to realize that a successful web presence isn’t just tied to search engine optimized content anymore. Instead, it now requires a player in two games instead of one.

The first game remains the same — one that generates consistent and relevant content through a blog in order to benefit from the long tail effect. This guarantees success well into the future when trying to build a strong web presence.

The second is more location-based — one that feeds specific and correct information about one’s business into the Big Three, aka Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and hundreds of smaller directories.
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A Facebook Insights Update for Chiropractors

FacebookOn Monday, Facebook added some really nice new features to their already powerful Insights Dashboard. If you administer a Facebook Page for your chiropractic practice, you owe it to yourself to learn about these new updates.

To make things easier, you can download the official Facebook Insights Guide Update by clicking HERE.

As Facebook reminds us, having good analytics is key to successfully growing a business. For chiropractors, this relates to both your online as well as your offline presence.

For instance, web analytics give chiropractors the ability to determine if specific marketing campaigns are paying off. By not utilizing them, how do you determine the ROI for each campaign?

Remember, you’re the CEO of your own practice. Even though you may not be accountable to stockholders, you still need to run your chiropractic business like a Fortune 500 company. Plus, by being a good steward, you’re more capable of thwarting the effects of these turbulent economic times.
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