How Chiropractors can Assess PageRank, Authority, and Website Traffic

Over the weekend, I had a comment come through for an older post that basically suggested that if you listed your site with Alexa and used their toolbar, traffic to your website would increase. Although a nice thought, it just isn’t true.

Building an online presence takes time. But time isn’t the only ingredient. There are many other factors like using the right software juxtaposed with search engine optimized copy just to name a few.

Then, when this symphony of ingredients mixes correctly and is allowed to age like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, many amazing things can and will occur. For starters, all that hard work will eventually pay off when your increased traffic transforms into loyal customers.

However, no matter how well your site performs, always be cognizant of its need for improvement. In other words, it doesn’t take long to lose your place in line if you don’t pay attention to details.

So, to help you keep track of the details, let’s take a look at three tools chiropractors can use to assess website traffic, authority, and PageRank. And, to illustrate my point, I’ll throw in images related to this blog, Next Generation Chiropractor.
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How To Explode Your Chiropractic Mailing List

Are you looking for an easy way to capture names and email addresses from people that visit your chiropractic blog or website?

If so, you need to pay attention to today’s post because I’m featuring a piece of software that’ll absolutely explode your chiropractic mailing list! And, the cool thing about it, outside of building your email list fast, is it works on any type of website no matter how it was built.

In other words, you don’t have to have a WordPress site to get it to work. With their newest update, it’ll run on Joomla, Drupal, or even a static HTML site right out of the box.

What am I referring to?
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5 Ways User-Generated Content Can Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Maintaining a chiropractic blog is one of the smartest things you can do to get your chiropractic message out to the masses both inexpensively and efficiently. By writing content that connects and engages your target audience, you have a greater chance of winning their business once they see that you’re committed to meeting their wants, needs, and desires.

However, maintaining a chiropractic blog also takes a great deal of work. Even though today’s blogging software makes things easier than ever before, chiropractors still need to know how to select proper keywords for their niche while incorporating them strategically through their content.
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