How to Schedule Old Multiple Blog Entries Under One Minute Using MarketMeSuite

This is a guest post by Dr. Eduard Burt of San Leandro, California.

This is a step-by-step approach on how to use MarketMeSuite platform promoting your old blog post under one minute.

  1. Select an old post from blog and copy and paste a headline into you MarketMeSuite platform.
  2. Copy an URL of the same blog post and paste it into your MarketMeSuite platform right next to a headline.
  3. Use URL shorten on MMS – it will shrink your old URL into short URL extension. This will allow you to keep your tweet under 140 characters.
  4. Copy Headline with extension of your URL blog Post from MMS platform and paste it into blank WORD page or any other word processing application.
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How to Promote Your Chiropractic Blog Offline

This is a guest post by Dr. Jon P. Heins of Belvidere, New Jersey.

Before I ever started using a blog and social media to market my chiropractic practice I used direct mailings. I’d pick a topic or condition of the month, create a postcard or newsletter around the condition, and have my office manager mail it out to our existing patients and certain individuals in the community. I’ll give you a good example of whom I’m referring to a little later in this post.

Then, when I found Dr. MacNamara’s blog Next Generation Chiropractor via a Twitter search I immediately got the concepts of inbound marketing, blogging, and connecting with patients and prospective patients with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Since, I’ve been doing this all along but in paper form via direct mailings.

So why should you tie them together?
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Why No One is Reading Your Chiropractic Blog

This is a guest post by Dr. Jon P. Heins of Belvidere, New Jersey.

You’ve done the hard part by designing and launching your chiropractic blog. And, if you were smarter than I was, you let Dr. MacNamara’s company Chiropractic Blog Designs do all the hard work instead of learning about HTML, CSS, PHP, and SEO yourself.

You’ve written and published a post at least once a week and now Google has started to index your site. You’ve even got that elusive page one ranking for your niche specific keyword terms. Yet no one is either clicking on your blog posts or they’re clicking but bouncing right off.

The reason why this is probably occurring is because your posts are either not what people were looking for or they’re nothing more than a sales pitch.
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What Do You Do When You Accidentally Hit Publish on a Blog Post

This is a guest post by Dr. Jon P. Heins of Belvidere, New Jersey.

panicThe other day I was drafting HTML code using the WYSIWYG editor in my WordPress dashboard. My main purpose was to generate HTML code for both a custom landing tab for my Facebook fan page and my newsletter sign up form. Unfortunately in the process, I accidentally hit Publish instead of Save Draft!

Panic set in because I just sent it out to multiple RSS subscribers, Twitter via Google’s socialize, Facebook via the NetworkedBlogs application, the WordPress widget on my LinkedIn profile, and it will now show up on my newsletter!

This happened to me about nine months ago when I accidentally hit publish on a post I had written but was scheduling for a later date. When I asked if it could be undone Grant Griffiths replied to me on Twitter and stated that “Once the tooth paste is out of the tube you can’t get it back in”.

So what to do?
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