8 Steps to Chiropractic Internet Marketing Success

Chiropractic Internet MarketingBoth Club 365 and my Personal Training Program are geared toward training chiropractors on how to become Internet marketers.

Club 365 is more of a do-it-yourself approach while my Personal Training Program is more of a one-on-one approach. Which ever approach works better for you will ultimately come down to your marketing budget.

Regardless, chiropractors need to learn and understand how to use the Internet to market their services. They just can’t rely on traditional forms that are becoming more outdated and ineffective as time marches on.

They need to appreciate the power of the Internet. But more importantly, they need to learn and master the steps of Internet marketing that’ll help propel them forward online.

By following these 8 steps to Internet marketing success, chiropractors will have a much stronger web presence that will outperform their Yellow Page ad any day of the week.

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11 Ways to Market Your Chiropractic Practice Online Successfully

MarketRecently, I’ve received several emails from chiropractors wondering how they can successfully market their chiropractic practice online.

One of the first questions I ask is do you have a blog.


Because like I’ve said many times before, your chiropractic blog SHOULD always be the hub of all your online marketing endeavors.

Having lead-generating landing pages with automated systems for email campaigns isn’t enough for sustained growth.

Yes, it’ll produce short-term gains but the real power lies in a long-term commitment centered around building your brand online through a blog.

Think I’m wrong?
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11 Ways Chiropractors Can Build a Stronger Web Presence

Strong Web PresenceBack in February, Google spanked quite a few prominent websites across the U.S. with its new “search quality” algorithm code-named Panda. Designed to eradicate content farms, Google went after sites that consistently publish shabbily produced, keyword-loaded content.

The biggest losers were sites like blippr.com, associatedcontent.com, articlebase.com, mahalo.com, and ezinearticles.com to name a few.

To show you how powerful Google is regarding e-commerce and how one of their algorithmic changes can wreck havoc on businesses who hold high search rankings but try to ignore Google’s rules, consider Mahalo. After Panda was released, Mahalo saw a 87.3% drop in its Organic Performance Index and had to eliminate 10% of its workforce shortly after the change.

With that being the case, chiropractors need to pay attention to the quality of their content no matter where it is being published. For starters, focus on producing great content. Remember, you need to think like a publisher not a marketer when writing your articles.

So, what makes for good content in Google’s eyes?
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MarketMeSuite 3 Will Change Internet Marketing For Chiropractors

Last August, I published an article that describes how MarketMeSuite helps chiropractors easily market chiropractic. I pointed out its main features, explained how it helps automate one’s marketing message, and shared some additional thoughts on why I’ve been a loyal user of MarketMeSuite before it even hit version 1.0.

Today is no different. MarketMeSuite, developed by PieDog Media, is still hands down the best Internet marketing tool I’ve seen and used. It takes the challenge out of distributing your content and helps you stay laser-focused on your target audience.

And, as an innovator, PieDog Media’s attention to detail as well as their openness to customer input is always appreciated. It’s no wonder why they naturally keep making a more stellar product that takes the difficulty out of Internet marketing.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce their “soon to be released” update, MarketMeSuite 3. It not only provides the same power and finesse that version 2 offers but also receives more game-changing features wrapped inside a more user-friendly graphical user interface.
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