MarketMeSuite 3 Will Change Internet Marketing For Chiropractors

Last August, I published an article that describes how MarketMeSuite helps chiropractors easily market chiropractic. I pointed out its main features, explained how it helps automate one’s marketing message, and shared some additional thoughts on why I’ve been a loyal user of MarketMeSuite before it even hit version 1.0.

Today is no different. MarketMeSuite, developed by PieDog Media, is still hands down the best Internet marketing tool I’ve seen and used. It takes the challenge out of distributing your content and helps you stay laser-focused on your target audience.

And, as an innovator, PieDog Media’s attention to detail as well as their openness to customer input is always appreciated. It’s no wonder why they naturally keep making a more stellar product that takes the difficulty out of Internet marketing.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce their “soon to be released” update, MarketMeSuite 3. It not only provides the same power and finesse that version 2 offers but also receives more game-changing features wrapped inside a more user-friendly graphical user interface.
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9 Steps Toward Achieving Internet Marketing Success for Chiropractors

Success or FailureTo kick off 2011, instead of reminding chiropractors about setting goals and writing out their vision for the New Year, I thought many would appreciate a simple guideline that they can follow for optimal Internet marketing success.

But, before I walk you through the steps, please understand that Internet marketing isn’t a silver bullet. It takes time, discipline, and commitment to see significant results.

In other words, it’s no different than anything else worth achieving. You must persevere to gain the prize. Perseverance surrounded by correct business principles wins every time regardless if you’re using them on or offline.
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LivingSocial Helps Chiropractors Market Locally

livingsocialEvery once in awhile something comes along that’s so unique, good for local businesses, and provides a win-win scenario for all involved that I just have to share. Today, that “something” is LivingSocial.

According to CrunchBase, LivingSocial is the social commerce leader behind LivingSocial Deals, a group buying program that invites people and their friends to save up to 90 percent each day at their favorite restaurants, spas, sporting events, hotels and other local attractions in major cities. LivingSocial has an extensive user base of more than 85 million, and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

In other words, LivingSocial connects consumers to cool stuff. In addition to their daily deals, they’re also known for their popular Facebook apps Pick5 and Visual Bookshelf.
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