How to Start Marketing to Medical Doctors Today

How to Start Marketing to Medical Doctors Today

Please Note: This is a guest post by Dr. Jeff Langmaid

Did you know that over 85% of medical doctors report that patients have asked them about chiropractic care? Yet, only 11% of medical doctors report making a formal chiropractic referral. It’s time to bridge that great divide!

The bottom line is that primary care physicians have limited tools available to them for the treatment of spine related complaints. Many are not currently referring to chiropractors because of their limited understanding of chiropractic.

By building referral relationships with these doctors you will not only add patients to your practice, but you will be helping your community members, friends, and neighbors receive one of the most safe and effective healthcare options of the last 100 years (that’s chiropractic!).

Building relationships with other physicians in your community can provide explosive practice growth for your practice. While the ebb and flow of technology is difficult to predict, the rapport and development of interdisciplinary referral relationships can last a lifetime. Even the most introverted chiropractor can implement a simple system of outreach which is effective, elegant, and affordable.
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3 Things That Should Never Change With Your Chiropractic Local Listing

Google MarkerAs the landscape for search expands more toward local, chiropractors need to realize that a successful web presence isn’t just tied to search engine optimized content anymore. Instead, it now requires a player in two games instead of one.

The first game remains the same — one that generates consistent and relevant content through a blog in order to benefit from the long tail effect. This guarantees success well into the future when trying to build a strong web presence.

The second is more location-based — one that feeds specific and correct information about one’s business into the Big Three, aka Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and hundreds of smaller directories.
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3 Ways to Market Local Using Mobile for Chiropractors

Market Local Using MobileAs more mobile devices flood the marketplace, chiropractors need to follow suit by making sure their web presence is mobile-friendly. By doing so, you’ll not only remove barriers that people face when trying to access web content via a mobile device but will also increase your chance of winning business right out of the gate.

There’s a business principle that should drive home this point — First impressions are lasting impressions.

What type of impression are you projecting when prospects view your website? Is it one that portrays an out-dated web presence? Or does it reflect advancing technologies and accessibility awareness?

If not, consider this — according to Comscore, over 60 million people in the United States own a smart phone. Obviously, this number will continue to soar and predictions show that the mobile web will rule by as early as 2015.

So, in order to stay current with rapidly changing times, allow me to give you 3 ways chiropractors can use mobile to market local.

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Survey for Chiropractors: Maximizing Your Marketing Efforts Locally

CheckmarkMarketing locally is nothing new to a practicing chiropractor. Matter of fact, the majority of chiropractors are extremely well-versed on how to market locally through traditional mediums like newspaper ads, yellow page phonebooks, and val-pac coupons.

Unfortunately, many of these traditional tactics aren’t generating results like they used to, let alone creating adequate return-on-investment dollars. Instead, chiropractors are finding themselves wasting precious marketing dollars inside a paradigm that is slowly dying.

But, for the cognizant chiropractor, inbound marketing strategies have replaced traditional models. This paradigm shift has not only opened new doors for the practicing chiropractor but also laid the foundation toward a healthy web presence right out of the gate.
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