case studyEven though blogging has been around for sometime, many chiropractors are still either hanging on the fence to get started or still scratching their heads wondering what it’s all about.

If that describes you, then today’s case study should put fuel on the fire as well as open your eyes to the power and benefits of maintaining a chiropractic blog.

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Eduard Burt from Burt Chiropractic and the valuable insights he’s gained over the last three months from blogging.

Thank you, Dr. Burt, for sharing this information with my readers today! I wish you continued success!!

    The official date when I began blogging and utilizing social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube for content distribution was on August 1st, 2010. Prior to this date I had a free blog for a couple of months, and prior to that a static website for almost 10 years.

    I had certain goals and deadlines regarding my blog. One of the goals was to publish three posts per week for one year and Search Engine Optimize (SEO) each post using Scribe SEO WordPress plugin. The other goal was to generate leads which who would be interested in buying health related products from my site in the future.

    The first goal has been challenging but a doable task. I have been publishing three posts a week without any interruption for the past three months.

    The second goal has been completed last night, 11/24/2010. I use PopUp Domination premium plugin in order to generate my email list. I offer my free eMagazine in exchange for an email address.

    So far I have read only great reviews about this product. You can see this plugin in action by visiting my site or, obviously, through Next Generation Chiropractor . I will post the results and the review of this plugin after six month of blogging.

    Many of you probably want to know how my blog is doing since its inception. Relatively speaking it is growing every week.

    I use all four main channels to promote my content on a regular bases — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube.

    Software like MarketMeSuite helps promote my brand and content at the same time. I personally think that there is nothing better out there on the market that can do this job. You can schedule all of your old post via MMS under a minute (you can use my old guest post for instructions) and all of them will be published automatically for you in your Twitter feed with whatever frequency you desire.

    MarketMeSuite will help you spread the word in a blogosphere world and will help you to grow your Twitter followers.

    My Facebook Fan Page is growing as well. As of this writing has 76 fans on Facebook from all over the world. The most recent one was a person from Nepal. I publish every new post into my Facebook Fan page. It is an amazing feeling to see people from all over the world reading your blog. I love it!

    Linkedin has been another great platform to spread my content. I have joined several groups with a large number of members and whenever I publish a new post that I think members of that group can benefit I publish it there as well.

    My YouTube library is growing and I have big plans on building very interesting and interactive videos in the future. Many professional bloggers believe that video blogging is the future of blogging. I tend to agree, as Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

    Now I would like to talk about the blog as the center of your social media platform and how it has been steadily growing.

    When I had my static website it was averaging between 3-6 visits per day. Ever since I have moved my site into a dynamic platform my weekly visits have been steadily increasing. Here is a chart from Google Analytics.

    google analytics

    You can easily see a comparison. Google Analytics is a MUST free tool for anyone who has a web presence. It is a great tool to look at different statistics of your site.

    google analytics

    This chart is showing the referral visits to my site. As you can see Google is number one and the rest of the channels go in order. This chart is another proof that SEO is an extremely important factor. SEO will help to bring your blog to the top of the search results.

    map overlay

    This chart is showing the visits from different parts of the world. Total 103 Countries. US is still leading the amount of Internet users relative to the population size.

    What is my next goal?

    I am planning on changing my WordPress theme. Currently my blog runs on Hybrid but I have plans to change it to Headway.

    I have already purchased it and now it is just a matter of installing it on my site and configure it.

    Many of you would want to ask why? Headway does not have a lot of coding so it is easier for search engines to crawl the site and optimize it.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions feel free to leave a {comment} in the comments section below.


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    Great article. Another great tool for firefox is SEO doctor. Once you start using it the SEO holes and shortfalls of websites becomes apparent. Another wordpress theme you might consider is Genesis. I have been working on my site integrating a blog with an informational site using Genesis themes and in the four months it’s been up I have seen a big increase in my Search engine rankings for my targeted keywords.

    It helps to manage the website efficiently and with proper SEO. The marketing mileage you get out of a few key SEO tricks pays off for a long, long time. Great article and congrats on your web success!

  2. says

    Thank you Doc for your kind words. I can not call it a success yet, but I hope I will slowly get there. You have a nice looking site. Wish you all the best. Just added your RSS feed to @ChiroDailyNews.

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    Thanks Dr. Burt. You have done some great work on your site. Posting consistently, and adding useful content is huge. One small thing I would recommend is to put the keyword everyone uses to find a chiropractor on SE’s: Bay area chiropractor or San Francisco Chiropractor or Chiropractor (your office zip code), what ever has the highest number of keyword searches for the area in the page or post title. This is the bar at the top of a webpage (also called the H1). This webpage’s SEO title is “Chiropractic Blog Case Study.”

    I think this can be done in the SEO plugin you use. For example: Bay Area Chiropractor | your post title. I have been using Youst WordPress SEO which lets you set a template for each post or page H1 title. Youst SEO is super awesome overall by the way…

    Might help with more focuses search engine traffic. Google and people need to know where your office is!

    My Best,


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      To tag on to what Dr. Leusden suggested, not only in the pages title but also at the beginning of every single post.

      For example:

        Keyword-rich Blog Post Title

        San Francisco California Chiropractor — Text for the opening paragraph of your blog post …

      Also, Yoast is a wonderful SEO plugin but I’d recommend Scribe SEO in conjunction with a premium WordPress theme like Headway or Thesis. SEO capabilities are already built into those themes which allow you to get rid of an extra plugin.

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    Congrats on the nice increase in traffic Dr. Burt. Not only are you getting more visitors each month, but it appears that you’ve also increased your Google ranking as well (according to all the Google organic traffic you are getting.)

  5. David Livingston says

    Since Dr. MacNamara has launched my blog, and I have posted on a regular basis, my web site visits have increased and I have more exposure; Google statistics show this phenomenon.

  6. Keith Kramer says

    Our website hits have increased 28.5% since we started using a blog and SEO tactics. Great article and tips. Thanks.

    • says

      Glad to hear about your website’s increase, Dr. Kramer. Now that you’re gaining traction, don’t forget to convert visitors into qualified leads by using some type of email opt-in form.

      Visitors are nice but if you don’t capture leads what’s the point of having a website?