While Pinterest may not seem like an obvious marketing tool for chiropractors, utilizing the link-sharing website in the right way can provide unique opportunities to grow a practice.


Take Time To Set Up an Account

It is essential to go through the setup process completely in order to get started with using Pinterest for business marketing purposes. Individuals and businesses set up their accounts differently, so any chiropractic business that is working on getting on to Pinterest should choose to make a business account.

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Pinterest for BusinessA business account allows a practice to link to a business website and include keywords in the profile. Other Pinterest users who are searching for profiles related to those keywords will be directed to the business account, and website linking enables an increase in traffic flow.

Make the Connection

Pinterest users will need to be able to easily share interesting information found on a chiropractor’s website with other users, so making sure that pinning is quick and easy is a must.

Pinterest Pin it ButtonButtons that facilitate pinning are available to be embedded on a business website whenever there is information that may lend itself to being pinned.

For example, practices may maintain a blog that contains useful tips, facts and statistics that readers may want to share with others via Pinterest. Content on any page that could potentially be shared with others can include a button.

Using a button to allow website visitors to follow a practice’s Pinterest activity is also a must. This lets people who may be too busy to learn more about the practice when they visit the website remember their interest in the future. “Follow Me” buttons can be added to the business website and emails.

Pin Wisely

It’s easy for a practice to get caught up in pinning when any small tip or bit of information is found that may help patients, but it is important to be careful when deciding to pin anything.

Always be sure to comply with copyright laws when pinning anything. Cite the appropriate sources to avoid trouble in the future. Verify that these sources are reliable before passing on any information about personal health to protect both the practice and patients.

Pinning Etiquette

Repinning is quick and easy, but not all links that are pinned are valid. It is not uncommon for malicious websites or sites with false information to be pinned, so click on a link before repinning to validate the authenticity of the link itself.

Pack a Visual Punch

People who browse through Pinterest to find interesting pins may read the description of links, but visual appeal is what is most likely to entice a person to actually follow through with visiting the link.

Pinterest Mac

If pins are associated with blog posts or the website content of a chiropractor, a strong visual representation of the content should be included on the page to facilitate pinning. Since Pinterest users are so accustomed to judging the usefulness of a pin by its picture, packing a visual punch is an absolute must.

Focusing on links with strong visuals can be done by creating or repinning infographics and videos.

While the picture related to a pin is important, including text is also a must. Use a short paragraph or even a single sentence to get the idea of the link across, and be sure to utilize keywords.

Pinterest is a social media outlet that many chiropractors fail to use, but creating an account and staying active can help chiropractors grow their practices. Understand the function of Pinterest prior to pinning, and be sure to set up a business account for the best results.

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