Chiropractic Internet MarketingGoogle+ is a social network powered by the search engine giant Google. Many see this platform as a challenge to Facebook’s domination of the social media space. With more than 90 million users and a growing influence on search, Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in the online marketing ecosystem.

Google+ allows businesses to create pages and develop relationships with prospects and customers on multiple levels. Individuals can add a brand to a specific Google+ Circle, share a Google+ page with their network, and interact with the content posted by that company.

For instance, users can +1 (or in other words, endorse) the updates a company publishes, leave comments, upload photos, and tag the brand in them. An interesting aspect of this platform is that its Hangouts feature enables companies to engage with fans, prospects, and customers through video conference calls.

Since you are probably eager to get started, let’s take a look at how to set up a Google+ Page for your chiropractic business.

Step 1: Choose an Accessible Gmail Account

If I learned anything from creating my own page, it’s that Google+ pages’ administrative capabilities could use improvement.

Avoid creating your business page through just any old account, such as a personal Gmail account. Instead, choose a Gmail account that is accessible to multiple members of your marketing team (e.g. companymarketingteam@, and use that account to create your page.

Because Google+ pages’ administrative capabilities currently aren’t as sophisticated as say Facebook’s (which enable you to assign multiple page admins regardless of the page’s origins), you’ll want to choose a host account that makes your page as accessible to multiple contributors as possible.

The ‘Google+ Your Business’ Google+ page has indicated that Google has already started working on multi-admin support and ownership transfer. For now, I recommend making your account as accessible to other team members as possible.

Step 2: Create a page with the Desired Account

Visit, and if you see the option to create a Google+ page, get started! Follow the wizard (it’s much like Facebook’s page creation wizard), and choose the most appropriate option to classify your business.

You’ll be able to select from the following options:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Obviously, if this page is being created to represent your chiropractic practice, then select “Local Business or Place”.

After selecting your classification, fill in your basic information, including your page name (i.e. your company name), your business’ website URL, your category (i.e. your industry), and the classification of your page’s content (i.e. any Google+ user, 18 years of age or older, etc.).

Step 3: Customize Your Public Profile

The third step involves customizing your public profile. The profile basics include your tagline (think of it as your business’ elevator pitch) and an image (your company logo is a great option). Keep it concise, yet descriptive.

Step 4: Promote Your page

At this point, you’ve created the skeleton of your page, and Google+ will now prompt you to promote your page. My recommendation is to customize your page even further and start sharing a few updates before you begin telling the world about it.

Promoting a blank page isn’t a great way to convince people that your page is valuable enough to add to their circles. So invest some time into optimizing your page and sharing a few links to valuable content before you start promoting it to the masses.

Step 5: Optimize Further

At the most basic level, this is really all you need to do to get your page launched. But as any smart marketer knows, the ‘basics’ aren’t usually enough. Intelligent marketers understand the importance of optimizing their page to make it not only more engaging, but also more valuable and effective for lead generation. In this step, follow Google+’s prompts to create an effective page, and remember — Google+ is a social network.

Although every social network has its specific nuances and behaviors, many of the same best practices will still apply. Regularly share fresh content, react and respond to your fans, be engaging, and optimize for lead generation. Then measure, adapt your strategy, and optimize your presence based on your own individual results and goals.


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    I have just started using google+ as well as learning the AdWords. Your article shed more light on what I need to do to get other people involved. I look forward to learning more.