CheckmarkMarketing locally is nothing new to a practicing chiropractor. Matter of fact, the majority of chiropractors are extremely well-versed on how to market locally through traditional mediums like newspaper ads, yellow page phonebooks, and val-pac coupons.

Unfortunately, many of these traditional tactics aren’t generating results like they used to, let alone creating adequate return-on-investment dollars. Instead, chiropractors are finding themselves wasting precious marketing dollars inside a paradigm that is slowly dying.

But, for the cognizant chiropractor, inbound marketing strategies have replaced traditional models. This paradigm shift has not only opened new doors for the practicing chiropractor but also laid the foundation toward a healthy web presence right out of the gate.

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Subsequently, by embracing the Long Tail, these savvy, entrepreneurial chiropractors understand the following four Internet marketing principles outlined by Mitch Joel in his must-read book titled Six Pixels of Separation:

    1. Digital Marketing is about being slow.
    2. The quicker you post your content, the faster you can start gaining the efficiencies of slow.
    3. The digital social spaces are built on trust and trust alone. Trust is always built slowly over time.
    4. Trust + Community = ROI

The foundation to marketing locally begins online first.

In other words, you must have a strong web presence that’s filled with valuable, keyword-rich content that addresses the wants, needs, and desires of your ideal prospective patients.

Without it, you don’t provide the highly sought-after and relevant information that prospects seek through channels like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In addition, you have nothing that can be fed into social media channels like Twitter and Facebook that’ll drive traffic back to your chiropractic website and lead-capturing opt-in forms time and time again.

Bottom line: Leverage yourself by becoming a content creator — whether that consists of audio, video, text, or, better yet, a combination of all three.

In order to gain the efficiencies of slow, you must incessantly produce content as quick as possible to generate a solid presence online. Consistent quality content is the foundation to online marketing success.

However, outside of content, you still need a local listing that’ll quickly connect you with your community. There are a myriad of services available for this but, currently, the clear winner is Google Places.

But before I start delving into the ins-and-outs of Google Places, I need your help. The following survey will help me assess your understanding toward local business marketing. So, if you have a few seconds, I’d greatly appreciate your participation.

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Once I have an adequate response, I’ll update you on the results and how they’ll be tied into a new project I’m currently working on. If you’ve been paying attention, obviously it has everything to do with maximizing your marketing efforts locally.

Question: Are you marketing locally through local business marketing services? If so, what results are you currently getting?

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