blogIn Part 3 of this series titled Why Chiropractic Blogs Should Be Chiropractors’ New Patient Internet Marketing Tool of Choice, I introduced chiropractors to a two sentence quote by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger that beautifully summarizes the difference between social media networks and a blog.

If you missed it, Brian stated, “Social media sites are tools to be used. Blogs and websites are assets to be owned and grown.”

After dissecting Brian’s quote, chiropractors should have a better understanding on why a chiropractic blog is an asset and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are tools used to grow the asset.

But, even though Brian’s statement is an epiphany to many chiropractors, we can’t simply stop there. We need to dive deeper to fully understand what makes a blog tick and why it is so powerful.

    One sidenote: Since this series will continue through the month of April, we should go deep enough in the subject matter where most questions will be answered.
    However, if, by the end of this series, you still have additional questions, either ask them in the {comments} section of one of these posts or through this blog’s contact form.

Now, before we look at the different components that make a blog tick let’s examine why it’s so powerful.

In a word — CONTENT.

Blogging software allows chiropractors to quickly publish keyword-rich, niche specific content.

By doing so consistently over time, chiropractors stimulate major search engines like Google and Bing to repeatedly crawl their content for indexing.

And, as a bonus, if the content is deemed valuable, the Google gods will bless it by pushing it further up its SERPs.

Why is this important?

Because statistically people don’t generally move past page one when doing a search.

Matter of fact, a recent study found that 95% of website traffic from organic, non-branded queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing originated on page 1 of the results.

If you’d like the PDF version of this study, you can download it here.

What this means is if your content isn’t being found on page one, YOU’RE NOT BEING FOUND!

So, if your current website is stuck in Web 1.0 mode, I guarantee you it’s as useless on Google as your Yellow Page ad is in your local phonebook.

How do you get out of Web 1.0 mode?

By transitioning your current website into a blog.

If you don’t know how to do this, either check with your Webmaster or contact me through Developing Others.

What NOT to do …

In the interim, DO NOT start a free blog through Blogger or

Even though these platforms allow chiropractors to quickly get started blogging, they strip you of complete ownership of your content since it’s hosted within their servers, handicap you from turning your chiropractic blog into a business, and can pull the plug on your domain at any time.

How do you know if you’re currently using one of these services?

Look at the domain name for your chiropractic blog. If it has the words blogspot or wordpress in its name, it’s a free blog.

For example, it’d look something like this — or

Go with a self-hosted blog!

Remember, your chiropractic blog is an asset.

Therefore, you need to not only maintain complete control of its content but also have the ability to do business from it once your entrepreneurial spirit takes flight.

The only way this is achieved is through a self-hosted blog.

So, like Woody said in the classic movie, Toy Story, “If you don’t have one, get one!”

I know that’s taken out of context, but you get my point. And, you’ll thank me later once your business starts booming online! 😉

In closing, the essence of today’s post is that content is king. Even though that’s an overused cliché, it’s still true.

In order for content to maintain superiority, it needs an efficient vehicle to transport its message to the masses quickly and effectively.

And, that vehicle is a blog.

Question: After using a blog, have you ever seen your content land on page 1 of Google? If so, did you analyze how and why it made it there? What tools did you use to accomplish your outcome?

Let me know in the {comments} section below.


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    Hay Patrick I have had great success with one keyword phrase so far even being number one regularly and have been on the first page of Google UK for the keyphrase and its long tails for the last 8 months. I found thinking like a patient and using patient keyword sayings is what has helped me. Using the free, basic Google Keyword Tool I saw exact numbers per month in the UK and trend being consistent. I then wrote the content with the first thought of helping people Surprisingly I now get 70% of my organic Google search traffic for that keyphrase. The beautiful thing about blogging is you can experiment with every post and learn what you did right and wrong.

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    Gary :: If all chiropractors would write their content exactly as you described, their success rate with blogs would rise dramatically.

    And, you are correct — you must write your content from the patients’ perspective, not from a doctor’s perspective. As I always say, it’s not about you but about them!