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Dr. Stacy Warner

"Dr. MacNamara has the unique quality of caring as much about his client as he does the professional results his clients receive from his work. He is a man of the highest ethical standards. He is driven to provide only the best service achievable. It would not be possible to recommend anyone more highly."

Dr. Stacy Warner, Total Healthcare
Dr. George Sooley

"I have known Dr. MacNamara for at least 8 years, and have found him completely trustworthy, and very passionate about website design and development. I have also admired other projects that he has completed in the last several years. As I believe in the power of social marketing, it was only natural that I would hire him to design my website."

Dr. George Sooley, Sooley Chiropractic
Dr. Rick Barrows

"Dr. MacNamara has a unique talent for coordinating the chaotic mix of social media into an understandable and practical format. He consistently stays on the razor's edge of this rapidly advancing culture. For me personally, he has helped me immensely with his straightforward and easy to apply approaches to marketing in the world today."

Dr. Rick Barrows, Barrows Clinic
Dr. Kirsten Liwanag

"There are barely words to describe how responsive and helpful Dr. MacNamare has been for me. Before starting his Blogging Chiros online course, I knew absolutely nothing about setting up a blog. Dr. MacNamara's material was easy to understand and step by step.

I will admit that I still ran into some roadblocks along the way. However, all I had to do was email Dr. MacNamara, and he always responded back the same day. When I am unable to fix something on my blog, Dr. Mac works with me to get my problem resolved within 24 hours. He is so understanding and generous with his time.

Thank you Dr.MacNamara for all your help and for never making me feel guilty for asking for your help."

Dr. Kirsten Liwanag, River Valley Chiropractic
Dr. Mitchell Katz

"Next Generation Chiropractor's content is fantastic! I have learned and continue to learn more and more about social media. Dr. MacNamara also has helped me personally by answering questions and offering direction. I truly appreciate all his help. The chiropractic profession is very fortunate to have him."

Dr. Mitchell Katz, ChiroPlus Network
Dr. Todd Sullivan

"Dr. MacNamara's chiropractic blog is a must resource for all chiropractors. He provides easy to understand information that helps chiropractors market their practice through the internet. I can honestly say that this blog has improved my internet marketing immensley. Dr. MacNamara is a true value to our profession and I would just like to thank him for all of his help."

Dr. Todd Sullivan, NOVA Chiropractic & Wellness Center
Dr. Steve Tucker

"I'm so happy I found this amazing and vast resource that Dr. MacNamara has painstakingly built. As a complete newcomer to the social media and blogging scene, I have learned a ton from Dr. MacNamara's website.

It's all very user friendly and exactly the information that we all need right now. The way we promote our practices is changing rapidly and if you're not up to date with this cutting edge information - you're going to miss the boat.

I'd also like to add that I ran into a technical problem with my blog and Dr. MacNamara totally went out of his way to help me. He could see I was struggling with an issue and offered to actually go to my blog and fix the problem himself. That saved me hours of fiddling around with it and now it works perfectly.

How many people do that these days? Not many. Very impressed.

Thanks for all your help and keep up the fantastic work."

Dr. Steve Tucker, Montreal Chiropractic
Dr. Todd Osborne

"Wow! What a blessing Dr. MacNamara is to the chiropractic profession! He has a combined passion for chiropractors, and incredible talent and knowledge of technology, web design, and social media. By putting these all together he is able to help chiropractors like me and you not only look great on the web, but to have all the underlying work and technology taken care of so that we too can have the ability to become “bloggers” with minimal effort and set up."

Dr. Todd Osborne, Scenic City Clinic of Chiropractic
Dr. Chris Enns

"Recently, I came across Dr. MacNamara’s blog and began reading his articles about how to improve chiropractic websites and blogs. As I researched more, I realized how knowledgeable he is about creating web content that would drive business to my office.

I was worried about changing my static web page because I had invested a fair amount of time and money into creating it. Dr. MacNamara took the time to explain in fifteen minutes what I was trying to learn on my own for months. He was thorough and genuinely expressed interest in helping me to accomplish my goals.

While I was nervous about changing my website, I felt I could not progress with online marketing until I made the change. I have never regretted my decision. He not only preserved the design elements, but he improved on them.

I now have a dynamic site that I can update and change whenever I want. The format is so user friendly that it makes it easy to get used to posting on a regular basis. It even has the capacity to track progress using the built in stats monitoring. I have been impressed, to say the least. Dr. MacNamara has continued to be a source for quality information and is always responsive to questions.

I look forward to working with Dr. MacNamara in the future and would not hesitate to recommend his services."

Dr. Chris Enns, Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
Dr. Wande Neville

"Dr. MacNamara definitely understands social media inside and out, having researched and refined ways to make it easier to maximize exposure for your chiropractic office on the internet as in Next Generation Chiropractor articles. Questions about how to be social media savvy...get in touch with Dr. Mac!"

Dr. Wande Neville, Neville Chiropractic Center
Dr. Eduard Burt

"This is a must read blog for every chiropractor who wants to catapult their practice into a 21st Century. Dr. MacNamara has provided million dollars worth of information absolutely free to a chiropractic community.

I have converted my 1.0 website into a 2.0 website a little over a year ago. Currently my blog generates over 5000 hits a months. Social media and blogging helped me to bring more new patients into my practice and I use the material from my blog as an educational information for new and existing patients. Everyone gets impressed even personal injury attorneys, who find me on the web, from the amount information that my chiropractic blog has.

Do not buy into $40 month cookie cutters web sites. Start your own blog and Dr. MacNamara will help you if you are in the dark on how to do it."

Dr. Eduard Burt, Burt Chiropractic
Dr. Jon Heins

"I first started reading Next Generation Chiropractor back in May 2009 and within a month with the help of this truly great resource I was able to get my blog site and all the social media accounts set up and for the first time, since opening my own practice over 10 years ago, I feel like I'm ahead of the curve (instead of behind it trying to catch up) effectively marketing my practice. Since then I've had quite a bit of success increasing the number of quality leads and ultimately new patients coming into my practice."

Dr. Jon Heins, Belvidere Chiropractic Center
Dr. Brandon Harshe

"Dr. MacNamara has truly created one of the premier social media resources for chiropractors on the internet. Next Generation Chiropractor is THE blog to go to if you want to learn about all the latest social media tools that will enhance your internet presence. In this, the Information Age, you must have a dynamic website for people to go to. Furthermore, you must have a grasp on how to effectively use social media to spread your chiropractic message. Dr. MacNamara not only teaches how to do this, but he lives it. I've already utilized some of Dr. MacNamara's tips and suggestions on my own website, as well as my other Web 2.0 sites, and the results have been fantastic!"

Dr. Brandon Harshe, The Atlas of Live Upper Cervical Chiropractic
Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne

"Dr. MacNamara truly follows his heart and passion for keeping Chiropractic true to itself. His blog is a great way to find out who is doing what in the world of Chiropractic and highlights the true leaders in the profession. He also has some great tips on keeping you practice alive. Every Chiropractor should be checking his blog on a regular basis."

Dr. Ian Davis-Tremayne, Upper Cervical Health Centers


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Next Generation Chiropractor is a chiropractic marketing blog that launched in April of 2009. Its sole purpose is to teach chiropractors how to successfully market their practices using the internet, email and social media.